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Principal's Message

Dear IJ Girls

Welcome back to another exciting School Year. 

We would like to warmly congratulate our Staff and P6 Graduands for the 2016 PSLE Results. We are proud that 99.6% of our P6 Graduands were eligible for Secondary School and 80.1% of them have been placed in the Express Stream. We wish them well as they embark on their Secondary School Journey this year.

The Vision of CHIJ (Katong) Primary is: “From Girls to Women of Grace and Substance”. Therefore, the School builds its Total Curriculum on its six School Values of Respect, Resilience, Integrity, Compassion, Commitment and Self-Discipline. The School’s three Strategic Thrusts are: Excellent Academic Results, Excellence in Sports & Aesthetics and Excellence in Character Building. We want our IJ Girls to be Self-Directed Learners who take responsibility for their own learning; and Active Contributors who are rooted in School Values. The School has achieved this by providing our Girls with a Holistic School Experience and by developing Effective and Sustainable Partnerships with our Parents, Alumni and IJ Family of Schools. 

The School had its External Validation by Assessors from the Ministry of Education last year. We are proud to have obtained two Best Practice Awards: Best Practice Award for Character & Citizenship Education and Best Practice Award for Partnership. We would like to thank our Staff, Parents, Alumni and Girls for their commitment, trust and support for the School.

The School’s Applied Learning Programme (ALP) is to develop Competent, Confident and Respectful Communicators. The School has done this by using school wide pedagogies such as Co-operative Learning and Assessment for Learning with an emphasis on Social Skills. In addition to the Language Departments, Mathematics, Science, Arts and Character and Citizenship Education Departments provide platforms and encouragement for the Girls to practise and showcase their communication skills. This builds on the School’s Historical Strength in producing Eloquent Speakers.

This year, our IJ Girls can look forward to a series of interesting Departmental Programmes and School Events. Our P1 and P2 Girls can look forward to the Arts Programme consisting of water painting and charcoal drawings; Programme for Active Learning (PAL) consisting of Gym, Outdoor Education, Dance and Drama and Visual Arts and the Shining Star Programme where Girls who demonstrate the School Values are given Stars by their teachers leading to a Model Student of the Term in each class. 

Our P3 and P4 Girls can look forward to Modular CCA to allow them to try out two CCAs per year; Mathematics Trails to Marina Barrage, Changi Airport and Sentosa and Science Fun Day where our Science Monitors showcase simple science experiments and explain their concepts to the Lower Primary Girls. The School has E2K Programme for top science girls to deepen their interest in Science and to demonstrate scientific inquiry process skills through collaborative learning.

Our P5 and P6 Girls can look forward to our Values-in-Action Programme where our P5 Girls will interact and conduct activities for students from the Towner Gardens School. This Partnership with Towner Gardens School has been sustained over the past ten years. P6 Career Awareness Day allows our P6 Girls to find out more about their career ambition and it is conducted by our Former IJ Girls. The IJ Day of Recollection enables our Girls to recollect their happy memories of the School with their teachers and parent volunteers. The P6 Girls will also participate in the Change & Transition Workshop and KC Experience where the Girls are slowly inducted into Secondary School Life and Students from Katong Convent interact with our P6 Girls. The School will also be organising its Rhythm in the Blue, a Public Concert to showcase the musical talents of our IJ Girls.

The School is grateful to the Central Parent Council (CPC) who volunteer actively in School. Our Parent Volunteers (PV) have organised the Forum for P1 Parents, Father-Daughter Bonding Day, Teachers’ Day Concert and they have helped out at various School Events like Art Outreach for our P4 Girls and Nature Walk for our P5 Girls.  We would also like to thank the Infant Jesus (IJ) Board of Management for their dedication, generosity and support for the CHIJ Schools. Together, we will sustain the IJ Spirit of Education. 

Simple Dans Ma Vertu
Forte Dans Mon Devoir

Mrs Judina Cheong
CHIJ (Katong) Primary