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Why I send my girls to CHIJKCP

Just like any mother who wants the best for her children, I became a little anxious when it came to deciding on a school for my first child. I wanted a school that believed in a holistic education rather than an over-emphasis on academics. Fortunately, I spoke to a friend who had nothing but praise for CHIJ Katong Primary. I have not looked back ever since.

With strong emphasis on its values, CHIJKCP provides a nurturing environment for the girls to learn happily and grow with grace. They are given the space to find their strengths through numerous opportunities and activities available in school. My eldest has found her niche in service, which she continues to be active in even after graduating. She volunteered in a reading programme for weaker students; supported teachers during the P1 and P2 concerts; just to name a few. My younger child discovered her love for the aesthetics through a school dance programme, and when she started on gymnastics.

Over the years, the teachers whom I have met have been warm, approachable and loving towards the children. They are professional when giving and receiving feedback. I feel confident in placing my children under their care. I look forward to another 6 years at CHIJKCP as my youngest child embark on her journey of discovery and learning. At the end of the day, I am proud to say that all my 3 girls are IJ girls.

Susanna Tan