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Prefects' Investiture & Installation of Monitors 2016

The Prefect’s Investiture and the Installation of Monitors Ceremony were held in the school hall on 17th February 2016.  This was a solemn ceremony where recognition was given to all the student leaders in the school.  The theme for this year’s ceremony was “Be Forgiving, Grow in Love”.  The ceremony started with the investiture of the newly-appointed prefects from Primary 4, 5 and 6 and recognizing the prefects who have served the school.  The Prefects Exco for 2016, comprising Angelina Teo (Head Prefect), Michaela Oey Liang Qi and Sherilyn Chomrat (Vice-head Prefects) and Nicole Teo Wanyi and Keira Shyanata (Assistant-head Prefects), was also announced. Angelina then led the prefects in the Prefect’s pledge.

The Investiture ended with a meaningful ceremony of passing on the light from the school leaders to the rest of the prefects.  This light acts as a symbol to remind the prefects that the IJ spirit is always burning brightly.  It reminds the prefects to be the light to the other pupils in the school and to keep the IJ spirit radiant and glowing in their daily tasks. Recognition was also given to all the monitors and ambassadors.

The ceremony ended with a closing prayer led by our Head prefect, Angelina.


During the investiture, I had mixed feelings - excitement and nervousness. Being the Head Prefect of the school meant that I had to be a role model to my peers and take the lead in carrying out all planned initiatives. While leading in the prefect’s pledge, I made a solemn promise that I would carry out what I had pledged.

This year, I hope that my team will embark on a new project called the Befrienders Programme. I am confident that my team will carry out our duties diligently to the best of our ability, with the school values guiding us at all times.

Angelina Teo (BU6)

Head Prefect 2016

When I found out that I had been chosen to serve the school as the Assistant Vice-Head Prefect, I was both elated and honoured. The Prefect’s Investiture marks the beginning of my final year of service as a prefect in the school. I hope that the EXCO team will have the support and cooperation from fellow prefects as we overcome the various challenges we may face throughout the year.

Nicole Teo (CE6)

Assistant Vice-Head Prefect (2016)


The Prefect’s Investiture was a very memorable experience for me as I stood in front of the school as a member of the Prefect EXCO. Many projects will be carried out this year and I hope that all the prefects will grow and develop as good leaders and serve our school with pride.

Keira Shyanata Ho (MO6)

EXCO Member (2016)