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P6 IJ Day of Recollection 2016

On 1st July 2016, the Primary 6 girls had their IJ Day of Recollection. As they approach the end of their six years at CHIJ (Katong) Primary, time was set aside for the girls to recall special memories in their IJ journey, starting from Primary 1 all the way to Primary 6. They spent the afternoon reminiscing with their friends and reflecting on what they have taken away and gained from their experiences here. Through the combined efforts of the teachers and parent volunteers, some of whom were old IJ Katong girls themselves, the Primary 6 pupils grew closer as a cohort and created new and fun memories together.

“It was really meaningful to me as throughout the 6 years in school, we have created many fun memories with our friends. Some memories might have been forgotten along the way and it was nice to recall it with friends. Some of us may be facing stress over the upcoming PSLE, so thinking about the good times in the past helped to uplift our spirits.”

Ang Sze Ern, Jonquil 6

“It helped me to remember all my childhood memories that I’ve forgotten. For example, the time my class had an enjoyable time putting up a skit for our teacher in Primary 1/2. It also helped me become closer to some of my friends when we shared our memories." 

Tabitha Chia Xiulin, Mocha 6