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P6 Dining Etiquette 2016

As part of their Post-PSLE activities, the Primary 6 students had a full day course on Dining Etiquette kindly run by the Parent Volunteers on 21 October 2016. Visiting 5 stations, the girls learnt about cultural eating practices of the four races, Chinese, Malay, Indian and Eurasian. They also learnt about food wastage in Singapore and how we can be more mindful about the amount of food we purchase and consume. Through immersive settings and fun games like quizzes and food bingo, the P6 pupils had an enjoyable day learning about each other’s culture and traditional cuisines.

“Singapore is a multi-racial society. If we are invited to dine at the home of a friend who is of another culture, I would know how to dine properly and respect their cultural practices.”

Vernice Kah (BU6)


“We learn about it so that we will not misjudge others by their dining etiquette when it might just be a part of their culture.”

Sharifah Jenna (AM6)


“When you know and apply the dining etiquette of another culture, you show respect for their culture and respecting them is important.”

Vera Chin (AM6)


“It helps you to bond with your friends who are of a different culture.”

Nur Ain Anilya (CE6)


“Since Singapore is a multi-cultural society, we have friends from other cultures. Thus, we should respect their culture and learn about their dining etiquette.”

Jade Koo (BU6)


“We have to know and respect other cultures in order for other people to respect our culture.”