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P4 Zoo Camp 2016

The Primary 4 students went to the Singapore Zoo for a two-day camp at the end of February. The students were given opportunities to learn more about themselves, and develop greater self-esteem and curiosity about wildlife and the natural world around them.

During the camp, the students visited the Singapore Zoo, the River Safari and the Night Safari. They went on guided tours of the zoo’s central kitchen, Animal Hospital and the Fragile Forest. Students also participated in enrichment programmes on the different outer coverings of animals and on the conservation of endangered animals.

Kirsten Lee of JO4 shared that rhinoceros' horns are made up of keratin and they do not have any nutritional value. Elynn Soh of EM4 shared that she has learnt that zebras have black skin and they are covered in white stripes instead of the other way round.

Many students commented that the camp has allowed them to bond with their peers in the same level. Others also shared that they have become more confident and independent as they had to be responsible for themselves during the camp.

At the end of the camp, the students were glad that they had participated in the zoo camp and they wished that the duration of the camp could be extended!

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