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P4 LJ to Road Safety Park 2016

The P4 level began Term 2 with a learning journey to the Road Safety Community Park (RSCP) on 21 March 2016. It was a learning journey that many of the girls were looking forward to.  The girls were divided into three different roles as pedestrians, cyclists or Go-Kart drivers.  They went through a briefing by the Traffic Police on the safety rules to obey while in the RSCP.  The girls were each given an activity card on the route they had to take and the checkpoints to visit when the game began.  

Close to 30 parent volunteers offered to be Road Marshalls. Their roles were to ensure the safety of the girls within the park, check that the girls answer the questions at the checkpoints correctly and give demerit points to any girls who fail to observe any road safety rules. The cyclists and Go-Kart drivers also had to go through a test to see how well they could manoeuvre their vehicles.

After completing their tasks, the girls started to stream back to the Auditorium for their snack break. Overall, it was an enjoyable and educational trip for the girls. May they apply what they have learnt from the RSCP to their everyday lives!