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P4 ARTS Learning Journey to MBS 2016


On 14 November 2016, our school organised an Arts learning journey to Marina Bay Sands for us. The learning journey was meant for us to learn how to appreciate public art on display and to enrich us with information about them. The parent volunteers, who were attached to our class, led us to various places that displayed the public art, most of which were models, at the Marina Bay Sands. The Marina Bay Sands is very big and spacious and while we absorbed the scenery, we tried to hone in on the speaker. As we listened attentively to the parent volunteers, we scribbled down notes of interest as well as asked some questions on the artwork viewed. The parent volunteers were very friendly and approachable and tried their very best to answer our queries.         

My most exciting moment was when I had the opportunity to get up-close with the Rising Forest. Trees were planted in gigantic pots and displayed in the Marina Bay Sands Hotel lobby. By placing them at such a spot, it enables the public to get in touch with nature in the comfort of the lobby. The pot, surprisingly was made of ceramic. I had a chance to feel the ceramic and it felt smooth to the touch. Another highlight for me was the Wind Arbor. I will definitely remember the way the aluminium metal ‘flappers’ moved to the ‘beat’ of the wind as the rain beat mercilessly on it. From afar, it looked as if smoke was flowing through it!          

I thought that the Rain Oculus was by far the most interesting artwork. Basically, the Rain Oculus collects rainwater and creates a whirlpool. The whirlpool simply looks magnificent as it swirls around. The rainwater that the Rain Oculus collects is then recycled back to fill a canal that runs through the atrium of the mall. Some people have thrown coins into the Rain Oculus, thinking that it was a wishing well. We were then told that the money collected from the Rain Oculus is donated to charity. We discovered that when people whisper into the Rain Oculus when it is empty, their voices can be heard from the opposite side!          

I enjoyed the learning journey tremendously. Even though I was exhausted at the end of it, I was thrilled as it was a fruitful learning journey. I gained lots of information about the many artworks there and that would certainly allow me to share what I had learnt with my friends and family. I look forward to more learning journeys like these. We were fortunate to have such a learning experience to end the school year.  

We can never stop learning; and we are always learning, wherever we go.  

Eunice Tan Yue Wen       

(Burgundy 4) 

We had an Arts learning journey specially arranged for our class to the Marina Bay Sands.The learning journey was to help us appreciate the arts around us. We gained much information from the parent volunteers about the different artists who designed the artwork as we walked about in the Marina Bay Sands. Most of the artworks were very interesting and were already in the making when the building was undergoing construction.          

The highlights of the learning journey for me were the various artworks displayed around the mall. All these artworks are special as they can only be viewed at Marina Bay Sands in Singapore. That makes them unique!          

The Wind Arbor was designed by Ned Kahn, an artist who also designed the Rain Oculus. The Wind Arbor is made of many square aluminum plates that sway in the wind and reveal the patterns of the wind which look simply amazing! The Wind Arbor is not only an art piece but it helps to save energy as it functions as a shade for the hotel lobby, blocking 50% of the sunlight and heat so that the temperature  of the air conditioner can remain constant all the time.


        Although I was exhausted from walking to view the exhibits, I was grateful for the information I had learnt from it. I have much to share with my family and friends on the many artworks I have come to appreciate at the Marina Bay Sands!


Calista Tan Kaiqi

(Burgundy 4)