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P3 LJ to Wallace Trail 2016

On 11th July, 14th  July and 1st August 2016, the Primary 3 students visited the Wallace Trail at Dairy Farm Nature Park for their Social Studies cum English Learning Journey. The trail exposed the girls to nature and the outdoors, beyond their
classrooms and neighbourhoods.

Besides enjoying the fresh air and getting some exercise, the students learned more about the diversity of wildlife and the wide variety of flora and fauna in the nature reserve. “I was very excited as I really love hiking and nature. I saw many insects there such as grasshoppers, bees, butterflies and ants. It was very educational and I felt very sad to leave the Wallace Trail,” remarked Alexis Ng from BU3. Natasha Chan of AM3 was also thrilled to learn the scientific names of the various plants and trees such as the Durio Zibethinus (Durian Tree).

The social skills of teamwork and cooperation were honed too, as observed by Sueha Susan Thomas of JO3. “We always
had each other’s backs and if someone slipped or fell, we would help her.”  She added that she exchanged views and discussed with her partner about the living things they had studied in class, which helped further enrich her experience.

Ms Elaine Ng, co-form teacher of AM3, shared that nature has much to offer to children that we are unable to reproduce
in the classroom. “Not only does exploring the outdoors give them a first-hand understanding of their environment, it also
creates opportunities for the development of critical life-long skills necessary for success,” said Ms Ng.

Mr Scozzi, a parent volunteer from JO3, couldn’t agree more: “I enjoyed looking at the children looking so interested in learning and having fun at the same time!”