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NLB Challenge @ Marine Parade Library 2016

In November, the Primary 3 pupils went to Marine Parade Public Library and had an engaging learning experience. The girls learnt fun facts such as the difference between the National, Regional and Public Libraries. They got to know more about the services provided by the National Library Board, such as membership application and how to borrow materials from the library. They were also reminded of the library etiquette they should display.  The librarians took them on a tour and introduced the genres of books that are found at various sections of the library. To recall what they have learnt, the girls teamed up to answer questions from a pop quiz. Finally, the girls enjoyed a story told to them by a librarian and also made an origami bookmark each.  

“I learnt about services which the library provides, for example how to use the e-kiosk.”
Ellie Lee, Cerise 3 

“The story told was interesting and I enjoyed myself thoroughly.”
Megan Woo, Cerise 3 

“It was fun to fold the bookmark. I enjoyed myself.”
 Esther Ezekiel, Emerald 3