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Learning Fest 2016

The annual Learning Fest at CHIJ (Katong) Primary School was held on Saturday, 20th February, 2016. Parents signed up for workshops conducted by staff of the school and vendors. These workshops were designed to help parents have a better understanding of how to support their children in their learning. A total of nine workshops were conducted.

Madam Mohinder Pal Kaur Bajaj, whose daughter is in Amethyst 5, attended “A Process Skills Approach” Science workshop.  She mentioned that her daughter does not have tuition at home, hence, she had a better understanding of the Science skills needed after attending the workshop.  She feels that the school is doing a GREAT job in involving parents in their child’s learning.

Another parent who attended the similar workshop found the information very useful.  She now knows how to guide her daughter in answering Science questions.

Mdm Clara Ng who attended the “REAL Approach to Problem solving” Mathematics workshop had a better understanding of the MOE Syllabus for Mathematics.  She can now use the approaches she acquired during the workshop to assist her daughter at home.

Another parent who attended the “Basic Problem-solving concepts in P3 & 4” Mathematics workshop had a better understanding of Model drawing and she is now more confident in helping her daughter in her Mathematics.

Mr Calvin Koh, whose daughter is in Primary One, learns storytelling skills after the “Raising reading and acquiring storytelling skills” workshop.  Another parent, Mr Wong Chee Seen, whose daughter is in JO1, attended the workshop in order to engage his daughter in reading and to encourage her to read more.  He suggested that some of the materials could be shared on McOnline Portal after the workshop.

Majority of the parents who attended the “Supporting my child for Writing & Oral” workshop did so to understand the new format and the recent changes in the Writing and Oral Assessments.  They found the workshop relevant and refreshing, and provided a fresh perspective to Writing and Oral skills.  Mdm Melissa Low felt that this workshop was very beneficial especially for parents of P5 students.  She was thankful that she attended the workshop this year to provide home support to her daughter.  She felt that it was timely to attend it this year.

Madam Richa, whose daughter is in BU5, suggested having a workshop on Vocabulary Building, especially for P5 pupils, as she felt there was a big gap when they transit from P4 to P5. 

Madam Tan Boon Nee, who attended the “Composition Writing skills in Chinese Language” workshop is now more assured to guide her daughter in scoring well for her Chinese Writing.  She is better able to support her daughter at home with the skills learnt at the workshop.

Mdm Koh Hui Leng who attended the “Preparing P5 students for the Chinese Language Papers” workshop found it very comprehensive and useful.  She is now confident in helping her daughter at home.

Learning Fest 2016 ended at 12.30 p.m. Parents were pleased that the workshops organised were constructive and enriching. Feedback from parents indicated that many would attend Learning Fest the following year.