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First Family Mass 2016

Readings from Prophet Isaiah & the Gospel of Matthew

Our first family mass for the year was held on Friday, 12 March. The theme for the year is “Be Forgiving, Grow in Love”.

In his homily, Fr. Derrick Yap, the celebrant, used the analogy from the movie, Frozen, to help the girls understand the meaning of sacrifice as it took a lot of pain and sacrifice in order for one to save another from being hurt.

He further explained the meaning of sacrifice which is made up of 2 words; ‘sacred’ and ‘fice’. ‘Sacred’ means holy while ‘fice’ means to do. This is like Jesus where he gave up his life through his love. We should thus love like Jesus so that with His love, there will be no fear.

Before he ended, Fr Derrick also added that in this month of lent, we should not only fast from certain types of food, but to make other sacrifices as well. This would allow us to receive the Lord through His mercy and forgiveness.