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Cyber Wellness STAR Showcase 2016

Once again, our school was selected to share at the Cyber Wellness Student Ambassador Programme (CWSAP) 2016 Conference.  The event, which was graced by Guest-of-Honour Mr Tan Chee Wee, Covering Director, Outreach Division from the Media Development Authority, was held at the School of Science and Technology on 23rd March 2016.

As part of the CWSAP conference, the Cyber Wellness STudent Ambassador Recognition (STAR) showcase gave recognition to schools with students who have made commendable contributions in promoting cyber wellness to their peers and spreading the message of being safe and responsible digital learners.

Our school was one of the 14 primary schools identified to receive this recognition and to showcase our student-led cyber wellness efforts.

Cyberella, our Cyber Wellness mascot, was a hit at the conference, yet again! Students, educators and guests did not hesitate to get a photo opportunity with our mascot. Our ambassadors were equally thrilled when the Guest-Of-Honour, Mr Tan Chee Wee, visited our booth. Even Cyberella had a photo moment with Mr Tan and his team.

For more information and photos on the event, do head over to Cyberella’s very own Instagram account at Cyberellakcp.