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Assembly Programme - Hip Hop 2016

On Monday, 11 April, Danz People put up a Hip Hop dance exposure programme during the Assembly programme. There was a short lecture and several demonstrations of the various types of movements in Hip Hop dance. Students were informed on where and how Hip Hop started, the reasons it was started and how it has evolved through the years.

Our students thoroughly enjoyed the dancing of the performers and this could be seen from their mesmerized faces. Several students were chosen to perform on stage with the performers while the rest of the school participated from where they were seated.

Valerie Tan (Cerise 2) found the programme interesting as the performers performed very well. She did not have any suggestions for improvements as she thoroughly enjoyed the hip hop performance.

Kaylen Teo (Amethyst 4) thought that the programme was enjoyable as it was lively. She enjoyed the stunts executed by the dancers. She wished that the presenter could be a little clearer while trying to explain the different movements in Hip Hop dance.

Alessa Lai (Cerise 6) really enjoyed the programme as she found it very interesting to watch the different types of hip hop dances and to learn more about its history. The performances were very upbeat and engaging. She wished that the programme could have been longer.