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Assembly Programme - Dondang Sayang 2016

On Monday, 21 April, Sri Mahligai presented An Introduction to Dondang Sayang at Assembly. Students were introduced to traditional Malay and Chinese Peranakan Music. As Dondang Sayang dates as far back as 500 years ago, the students were captivated by the ability of the singers to duet and sing spontaneous pantuns.

Meghan Nim (Mocha 2) found the programme interesting and added that she never knew that the accordion was used in Malay music. She wished that some students could have been chosen to perhaps try out the different instruments used.

Kaylie Chin (Cerise 5) felt that the programme was unique and the music different from what she normally listens to. She has learnt that music from a different race is also special.

Clarice Loh (Mocha 6) stated that the programme was fascinating as she had learnt more about the Malay culture, the designs on their costumes and more about Dondang Sayang dances.