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P6 LJ to the Science Centre 2015

The P6 pupils went for their Learning Journey to the Science Centre on 8th July. The pupils enjoyed an interactive lesson taught by enthusiastic trainers on 'Our Wonderful Body' and 'Forces'.  After the lesson, the pupils explored the different coves at the Science Centre.  Some of the highlights include visiting the kinetic garden and exploring the world of electricity. Pupils and teachers enjoyed learning science concepts in an interactive and hands-on environment.

Pupils' Reflections 

Going to the Science Centre was truly an enjoyable and informative experience.  I gained some valuable insights during the lesson on Forces.  The instructor who conducted the lesson was humourous and engaging.  I enjoyed the hands-on sessions where we carried out several experiments. After the lesson, we explored the exhibits in the Science Centre.  Though the time given to view the exhibits was limited, I had a delightful and unforgettable experience.  I look forward to more of such outings.

Queeshia Fenella M. Pascual (Burgundy 6)


My trip to the Science Centre was extremely enjoyable.  The hands-on activities coupled with in-depth explanations were engaging and educational.  I enjoyed viewing the exhibits at the different coves.  The best activity was an exhibit which focused on magnetic and frictional force. This trip was truly informative and I left the Science Centre feeling satisfied as I had learnt many interesting facts about forces.

Celine Goh (Burgundy 6)


Our learning journey to the Science Centre was fun and educational.  We attended a lesson on Forces.  I found the lesson engaging as the instructor gave us many hands-on activities and related the science concepts to our everyday life.  After the lesson, I explored the various exhibits at the Science Centre.  I found the ‘Human Conductor of Electricity’ and ‘Earthquake Simulator’ the best and most interesting exhibits.  I brought home many memorable memories and I look forward to more learning journeys this year.

Lauryn Foo (Cerise 6)