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P6 Grooming Workshop 2015

To get our P6 students to listen attentively to a speaker, especially after the PSLE, was not an easy task, but the presenter from C'est Moi managed to do just that. The whole cohort was listening attentively while she shared with them the steps to having a clean face. Eager to show what they have learnt, they volunteered enthusiastically to answer the questions during the Q & A session. The practical make-up session that followed were even more exciting as they witnessed the transformation of their peers after being made up by the professionals. The practical session was accompanied by step-by-step instructions so even those who were only watching also got to learn the steps to apply simple make-up. Certainly, the girls have picked up one or two skills they can use when preparing for their Graduation Party at the end of this month!

This is what two students had to say about the workshop –

‘I loved the programme as it is enriching. I learnt more about how to take care of my face. I hope there will be more of these programmes and that it will continue for future years. It was smart to set up kiosks, allowing us to sample the products. Thank you for organising this programme. I definitely enjoyed it! The tips on health care and make-up were interesting. I was unsure why I had skin problems on my face but now I think I have a solution. The make-up demonstration was very useful and now I can put on my own make-up for any occasion. I learnt about age-appropriate make-up, which is also very useful.’

Varsheni, CE6

‘I was very happy to have the chance to participate in the C’est Moi Grooming Workshop. I learnt a lot about make-up and also the 5 steps to keep my face clean. I am glad to have learnt more about C’est Moi. I find it amazing how they use all natural ingredients! I hope my mother will be able to take me to their shop soon. I really want to check it out! Thank you, C’est Moi!’

Melanie Lee, AM6