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P6 Dining Etiquette Workshop 2015

As one of the post-PSLE activities for the primary 6 students, a ‘Dining Etiquette’ workshop was conducted on 23 October. In keeping with our school vision, ‘From girls to women of grace and substance’, the workshop was conducted by our Parent Volunteers to introduce our students to the finer points of dining etiquette as well as to make them more knowledgeable of the different dining etiquette practised by  the Malay, Indian, Chinese community. 

The students were introduced to some local dishes served by the various ethnic communities as they learnt to appreciate the diversity of cuisine in Singapore.  The Parent Volunteers also enlightened the students on appropriate practices while dining with the various ethnic groups, as well as items related to the dining practices of the ethnic communities. 

The workshop was a fun, creative and interactive session coupled with hands-on sessions, quizzes, games and prizes that kept our students engaged throughout the sessions. 

Kudos to our Parent Volunteers for their contributions and concerted effort in making the workshop a success! 

After attending the various stations of the dining etiquette lesson conducted by the parent volunteers, I have learnt more about the things that we are supposed to do when having a meal with someone of a different race without being disrespectful or insulting to our host.

As Singapore is a country with citizens of many races and religions, it is important to know the customs of races besides our own, and I think that the parent volunteers have done a splendid job of educating us in this aspect in a fun, interesting and interactive manner.

They conducted games and quizzes and even awarded prizes to the winners and those who answered correctly. Their explanations were refreshing and I left each station elated at having learnt something new. The sessions were an eye-opener and I am grateful that I was given the opportunity to attend such a workshop!

Chan Lim Hsin Adele

Amethyst 6

The Dining Etiquette talk was an eye-opener for me.  Initially, I thought it was going to be about a talk on generic tips on table manners.  What surprised me, was how different the approach was. The Dining Etiquette workshop was divided into 4 separate stations based on the ethnic communities of Singapore i.e. the Malays, Indians and Chinese.

The workshop sessions were conducted by our very own parent volunteers employed a variety of approaches to introduce us to the different customs of each ethnic community. They then went on to explain why some dining etiquette practices are considered good while others are taboo.  For example, the Chinese are not allowed to stab their food with their chopsticks or to place them sticking upright in the bowl. This would probably bring about a frown on any respectable elderly as it would be regarded as a sign of disrespect.  

As for the Western dining etiquette, it was interesting picking up some skills on the setting of the table.  Good table manners should be observed whether we dine at a fancy restaurant, in the cafeteria or even at home. It will make for a more pleasant meal and save us from looking silly or embarrassed.   

I certainly don't want to be educated but lack poise and class in holding my fork and spoon.  The workshop certainly assisted me in becoming more mindful of the dining etiquette of the different ethnic communities living in Singapore.

Alesha Johanes

Emerald 6

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