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P6 Change & Transition Workshop 2015

The school organised a workshop on Thursday, 29 October 2015, in collaboration with the Health Promotion Board to arm our girls with the tools which they would need as they move on to complete their secondary school adventure. It prepares them to make the switch from primary to secondary school and hopefully make the experience more enjoyable if they know what to expect. They learn how to cope with changes, make new friends, manage rejection and deal with different types of bullying. All in all, it is to help them cope better emotionally, socially and academically. The girls were fully engaged and they thoroughly enjoyed the lively antics of the presenter who could relate well with the girls with her captivating and amusing stories.

Reflection by pupils:

The move from primary school to secondary school is a major milestone for all primary sixes as we will be leaving what we consider our second home, a place where we have spent 6 years to another school.  Not only will we have to adapt to a totally new environment but we also have to make new friends.  Since this is going to be such a big change, many students will probably feel nervous or apprehensive.  Our school recognises that and therefore the Health Promotion Board was invited to address some of these underlying fears and concerns.

It was a 6-hour session which would probably put anyone to sleep had it not been for the main speakers, Ms Andrea who was vivacious, engaging and eloquent.  There was not a dull moment as she expertly provided tips and nuggets of wisdom on how to be independent and to cope with more subjects and CCA in the secondary school.

The most interesting and beneficial part of the whole session was probably 'Managing Rejection'.  Here, Ms Andrea walked us through some of the painful experiences that she had faced when she was in school and perhaps many of us may face too.  Her real life accounts were something I could relate to and spoke to my heart.  Maybe, it was because she shared in a very honest and humorous way that made it non threatening and easier to accept.

Another thing that hit me was how Ms Andrea had made each of us feel special and unique about ourselves.  We even spent some time penning down the strengths for one another. 

At the end of it all, I think everyone felt refreshed, recharged and more ready to take on the secondary school life.  We will apply the techniques we have acquired today and successfully complete our secondary school adventure to become a better person not only academically but also socially and emotionally, always bearing in mind to have fun throughout.  Wish us all the best! 

Alesha Johanes of Emerald 6

I found this workshop very interesting and fun. There were some interesting games which made the workshop even more enjoyable. What prevented me from dozing off at this workshop was Ms Andrea’s good sense of humour which made us laugh a lot. I am now less worried about life in secondary school.     

Shannon Siew-Tong Odermatt of Mocha 6