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P6 Career Awareness Day 2015

A fun and interactive way to introduce our Primary 6 girls to some interesting career options is for them to get up close and personal with our ex-IJ pupils who had kindly and graciously agreed to come back to their alma mater to share their exciting career paths and job scopes with our curious girls. It is never too soon to open their minds to what career possibilities lay ahead of them. Besides having many of their questions answered, this opportunity opened many young minds to some interesting careers they would otherwise have never dreamt of. This might set them thinking about some career options and give them direction. The presenters unanimously shared that they were mainly driven by their passion in pursuit of their careers. The girls spent the morning gainfully at five different stations and interacted with the presenters who shared on the following careers: veterinarian, occupational therapist, dance instructor, illustrator, banker, accounts executive in advertising, baker, air stewardess, documentary producer, psychologist for crisis management and lawyer.

Today my friends and I attended a Career Awareness workshop where ex-IJ pupils came back to tell us more about their jobs! IJ girls are truly different and unique in their own way as we met many girls with different jobs such as film producers, psychologists, bankers, air stewardesses, vets and many more!

Did you know that Stephanie Wong, who is the illustrator for the best-selling series, Amos Lee, is an ex-IJ girl? We had the privilege of meeting her today!  I definitely encourage everyone not to miss this workshop as it was truly an eye-opener for me as I got to learn more about different jobs. It was a fun and interactive experience and we even got to taste the brownies baked by the baker! Even if you know what you want to be when you grow up, I still would recommend this workshop as you might just change your mind after listening to some of the interesting options! And if you don’t know what you want to be when you grow up, there is even more reason for you to attend this workshop.  I had an amazing time today at this workshop and I’m sure that you will too when you have your Career Awareness Day.

Lim Yi Xuan of Jonquil 6/ 2015

The Career Awareness talk was both inspirational and enlightening. The speakers put in a lot of effort to enlighten and regale us with stories and experiences in their various jobs. I am very thankful that the school put together such an event for the Primary Sixes, and I am also very grateful to the speakers for taking time out of their hectic schedules to come to the school and share about their jobs with us. It was heartening that all the speakers were ex-IJ pupils, as this shows that our IJ girls have really excelled in life, and that we can do the same. The main point that struck me throughout the talk was that all the speakers had determination and passion for their vocations, which spurred them to persevere and stay committed. In a nutshell, I have really benefitted from this Career Awareness workshop. I feel a lot less apprehensive for the future, and I have a much clearer idea of my future potential vocation. I really hope that my fellow classmates and friends have enjoyed the talk as much as I have!

Emily Kohen of Emerald 6/2015