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P3 LJ to the Singapore Zoo

On 1st April 2015, the Primary 3 pupils headed to the Singapore Zoo for their Science Learning Journey. This learning journey has allowed pupils to learn more about the great diversity of animals as well as the animals’ diet, how they moves and their outer coverings.

During this learning journey, the pupils were brought to visit different animal exhibits like the ‘Fragile Forest’ in which they get to journey through a man-made rainforest which contains invertebrates and other creatures on the forest floor.

One of our pupils, Rosabelle Tan, from JO3 commented that visiting the ‘Fragile Forest’ was the highlight of her learning journey to the zoo. She elaborated that she was delighted to view the animals which were ‘on the loose’.

A parent volunteer from CE3 felt that the educational presentation at the learning centre was the highlight of this learning journey as the classification of animals was fun and interesting. Another parent volunteer from BU3 shared that the educational presentation at the learning centre has achieved its aim as majority of the pupils have understood the scientific concepts and they have participated actively during the Question and Answer session.