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P3 LJ to Marina Barrage 2015

On 26th August 2015, the Primary 3 pupils went on a Maths Trail at Marina Barrage. During the Maths Trail, pupils interacted with one another to solve mathematical problems. Relevant Mathematical skills such as measurement and the calculation of an area of a square were developed. They also got to learn how the Singapore Government ensures that we have an adequate supply of water in case of an emergency.

Kristen Lee (BU3) shared that her group’s kite was not able to fly as it was poorly constructed initially. Fortunately, she and her group members worked together and rebuilt the kite. She was elated when the kite managed to fly in the air in the end. 

Sofea Lee (AM3), Keona Siaw (JO3) and Caitlyn Pereira (CE3) experienced the importance of teamwork to fly their kite. Sofea elaborated that everyone must come together to build and fly the kite as each member plays an important role.

Similarly, Minerva Cheung (MO3) enjoyed her first experience of flying a kite, which flew the highest on that day. She also had fun visiting various stations to carry out the mathematical tasks.

Katelyn Lau (MO3) mentioned that although she and her team mates were unable to fly the kite, she particularly enjoyed visiting the various stations and learning new concepts such as that of Area and Perimeter.

One of the parent volunteers, Mdm Keong, commented that the learning journey has allowed pupils to master Mathematical concepts in a fun way and is a good break from the conventional classroom learning environment. Another parent volunteer shared that the kite flying activity was an educational avenue to learn as the pupils got to learn how to coordinate the direction of the wind as well as the length of the string of the kite in order to get their kite fly high in the sky.  

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