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Assembly Programme - Peter & the Wolf

On Monday, 14 September, the school engaged Artists Academy to put up a musical extravaganza, entitled Peter and the Wolf, which was performed by Zephyrus Woodwind Quintet. The Zephyrus Wind Quintet is made up of five instrumentalists playing the following: one flute, one oboe, one clarinet, one French horn and one bassoon. The diversity of this unlikely combination brought about a refreshing blend and harmony of sound and colour during the Assembly Programme. Adding to this quintet, a unique story-teller with a passion for story-telling narrated a ‘live’ soundtrack!

The audience experienced an interactive session with the Wind Quintet as the narrator retold the tale of Peter and the Wolf. This ensemble provided the perfect travelling setting for Prokofiev’s classic story of a young boy and his adventure with his animal friends. Each instrument’s unique timbre lent its voice to the characters in Peter and the Wolf.

Eunice Tan of Burgundy 3 found the assembly programme very interactive & innovative as many different kinds of instruments were used to represent the various characters in the story. However, she felt that there could have been more than one narrator to tell the story and show the props.

Sharon Kanishma of Jonquil 5 felt that the programme was interesting. She enjoyed the way the narrator told the story, as she found him to be humorous. She also felt that the use of different instruments were fun to listen to. 

Reshma of Cerise 6 loved the way the story was told through music with the aid of musical instruments. She found the musicians very talented. However, she felt that it would have been great if a little bit of drama was woven into this musical extravaganza.