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Assembly Programme - GLEE 2015

On Monday, 2 November, the school engaged John & Deniece Studios to put up a musical extravaganza, entitled GLEE, Introduction to Show Choirs. The Show Choir Community has been growing in Singapore for the past two years. In this programme, students watched a live show choir performance by 4 performers. They were introduced to what Show Choir is about. They were also advised on how to be part of a Glee Show Choir.

Our pupils enjoyed the live singing and dancing to the popular songs from GLEE.  
Students also participated in the programme by learning a short excerpt of the choreography and performing with the performers on stage. At the same time, students were able to get an insight on how the Show Choir scene is like in Singapore, as well as in more established countries like USA/UK. 

Gabrielle Marie Sunderaj (Cerise 3) found the assembly programme to be very interactive, fun & innovative as she was able to listen to her favourite songs while enjoying the show. She felt like dancing to the beat when the performers performed. She wished she could have heard more songs.

Nicole Teo (Cerise 5) felt that the programme was lively and interesting. She loved the dance moves and thought that the performers were ‘cool’. She wished that the programme could have been longer.

Lavonne Low (Emerald 6) loved the way the performers danced and sang. “Their voices were so clear and this is one of the best performances I have ever watched”, she asserted. She wished the programme’s timing could be extended.